Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hang on there, Its all gonna be okay. =)

 I know its been really hard, hectic, stressful, and full of dissapointment for you since u been there in UK, you started telling me you miss your family, friends, kimmy, home. We miss YOU too..!! and we believe you can make it through and its all gonna be okay dont you worry. and none of you family and friends gonna forget about you because you are as awesome as someone could ever be. We just wanna let you know we are all here for you and will be always supporting you eventhough we are hundreds of miles apart. 

This 1st set of pictures is from Nick. =)  Never Give Up Baby..!!

This 2nd set is from John & Jac.  =)

From Li Chuen. =) She was busy working during weekdays, but still when u needed her support she's there for you.

This 2 pictures is from Amelia. The second one suites u well. =)

Serrina say " Make your parents PROUD..!!"

This one is from Sharmayne, she's somewhere in Sabah the time she sent me this picture, She's busy but never too busy for you. =)

This one from Sook Yee, I like the photo of you 2. =)

"Brave, Strong and Smart" This one is from down under, sent from Susanna. =)


P.S : Im sorry if the pictures is not really well placed. I really suck at this blog thing. =P

Always & Always.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Just want to tell you

We expected this to come sooner or later since the very beginning. You still remember u asked me "Do you know how is it gonna be.? Are you sure this is what you want.?" I say "Yes". I say "even if its just for a few month until the time you are going, ill be glad to be with you." but yes look at us now, we still holding strong we still standing here. Still remember our 1st date.? 1utama, i asked u while im still here at sarawak, n u said YES. =D so few weeks after that im was back home and infront of your apartment picking you up, my 1st impression of you is "you are gorgeous and shy" =P we didnt really talked while we in the car didnt we, smiling at each other and it was akward. =) We reached there and sat down at secret reciepe to have brunch i still remember, theres soo many things to catch up that time, its been like what.? 4 years.? or could be 5.? You told me u were in rough times back in the days, i adore your courage to go through all that. All the stories were magnificient, I never knew life could hit someone that hard, and its one of my 1st promises is to makesure that none of that ever gonna happen again and i'll be there for you whenever and wherever. =* Our relationship taught me a good lesson on not to judge people before knowing them. Okay, back to our 1st date, right after we had brunch at secret reciepe comes the most awesome-est event in my whole life and you know what it is, after that things just turned great. We had done soo many things together, endless miles of road trips, countless pieces of meatballs we ate and thousands of hours just starring at each other speechless. I hope this would never end. I love you.

Always and Always,

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Hi baby! 

I miss you!! Hehehe, anyways, I told you yesterday that I had a surprise to show you remember? So, as promised, I uploaded the picture here =) I hope you like it.. =) 

P.S- The picture wouldnt go down so yea, it's there on the top.. =p

Always and Always,

Sunday, October 17, 2010

I just wanted to tell you that....

I miss you alot since u've been gone,
Since then i always try to occupy my time with something,
For the times that we used to talked to each other..
You know..ive just realizes something, we are actually not in a so called long distance relationship before you took off to London.
We spend most of our time talking to each other, its like being there with you at home all the time eventhough there's south china sea in between us.
It was great huh..Better than now i presume.
But..The 1st time we skype which is today made me realize that it is still great.Everything is better then ever.. To see you smiling with that hyper kid on your lap tells me there is where you belong.
U know u looked really happy u know..and gorgeous than ever.=D
Soo...Dont you worry about me k..and i want u to knw that ill always have your back and ill be there for you when u need me.
If you ever find yourself stuck in the middle of the sea, I'll sail the world to find you.
If you ever find yourself lost in the dark and you can't see, I'll be the light to guide you.
If you toss and turn and you just can't fall asleep I'll sing a song beside you.
And if you ever forget how much you really mean to me, Everyday I will remind you.

Always ans Always Love YOU.

Friday, October 15, 2010

LONDON (For the very first time)

Baby, i've been here in Cambourne, Cambridgeshire for almost 2 week plus now, and to tell you the truth, am not totally use to the weather yet. My nose had been giving me problems d for the past few days and my migraine is getting worst. My head feels like it is tearing apart. Huhuhu, i miss you, wish you were here though. Anyways, I've so far been to Cambridge and London only and of course Hatfield (where my Uni is). I've uploaded all the pics I have so far into my Facebook profile so maybe you cld go see the photos there? Coz it is too many to be uploaded here. =p

Anyways, here are some pics of baby Euan Wong (that's his name) =) hehehe

*isnt he adorable? =)*

Anyways, go see the pics on fb yea? =) posted it up d, tagged you on most of it too =) hehehe, skype with you soon k baby? I love you! Take care and dun stress yourself out k. Just study well and at your own pace.


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Travelling again...

Sayang...!! Im sorry its been awhile since i blogged. How's everything there.? How's Tobey.? I heard he having problems with jealousy huh.? Poor kid. hehehe. How's the newborn baby.? I bet you're more excited than her mum huh. =P Ull be a great mom someday. ;) Since you been gone this couple of weeks im finding things to do to occupied my time, since you gone there's a big gap in my daily life. Everything i do reminds me of you, eventhough we are already in a long distance relationship before you go to UK but its harder now. I had called d company few days after you go, they sent me to Miri with few other guys. We visited 3 vessel's that have been dry docked for maintainance purposes, and a new build vessel. We never knew we r going to do some dirty works that day, lucky i packed d right clothe for the job. So here's some picture for your updates.

Look baby..its phua chu kang. I laugh at my self constantly everytime i look at this picture. hahaha. =P

This is d new build vessel which still under construction. Not soo big huh.

After awhile we were really-really exhausted. (This is all d guys, on my left hand side is my physics lecturer..she decided to come and join us..Not a very wise decision. =P)

This is your baby working. (i should check all d cargo holds but decided to stop and pose to d camera.)

The sour face.

The guys.

A candid photo. I LIKEEEEE...

Puarasu all dirty and look at me clean as a whistle.

Realizes they taking pictures.

Im soo not good at faking. Im tired, i cant help it.

You see the land on the other side.? That's Brunei. (we are at the border)

Messing with d captains room.

All the guys back there is engineers i could just ask them to read d reading for me but since im hardworking i do it my self. =P YAY..!!

Spot me sayang..!!!

From the atwardship to the fore part of the vessel.

This also they want take picture.

This is what i did as soon as i reached d hotel for 3 hours.

Briefing room.

Miri got nice cars. ;)

Puarasu messing with a beat up car infront of the lobby.

Look how happy he is.

He's really-really happy.

He's super happy i tell you...!!

Now he just gone overboard. =P

Checking out.

I miss you sayang,
I want some updates from you too.
Always and always love you,